Marzi van der Mark Cancer Society Waikato / Bay of Plenty Division
Marzi van der Mark
Cancer Society Waikato / Bay of Plenty Division
Marzi van der Mark
Marzi van der Mark

My Story

This all began in unbelief. The lack of faith that one of my dearest friends would ever be granted residency in New Zealand. Originally coming form South Africa I understand how stressful and daunting the process is.

In a moment of motivation we decided that the day she is granted her residency we will shave our heads for cancer!! Once this pact was agreed upon, months continued to go past without any word of her residency being any closer.

But one glorious morning I received a text... she had been granted her residency! Now in that moment I was truly so happy and devastated at the exact same time. This is great news but what have I done, I have to shave my head and right before winter!

As the news settled and I came to terms with what will happen, and thinking about those people who do not have a choice about loosing not only their hair but so much more in the process of healing from cancer. I became excited with the opportunity to make a difference in their lives by sacrificing something so simple as my hair.
Now I'm not asking that you give up your hair (but if want to by all means come shave it with us!) but that you help in the cause to bring aid for people haunted by this disease by giving what you can.

The work that Cancer Society does for people in New Zealand makes a huge difference in the lives not only for those with cancer but for the people that love them. New Zealand is wonderful country and I am blessed and honored to be a part of it.

Thank you very much for your support, it is truly appreciated.

Marzi and Zoe.

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